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” Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar or improve your level with a professional and fun teacher, the Guitar School Geneva is there for you”. 

High quality guitars at disposal

Professional equipment

MAO software
Logic pro

Customised audio and paper support

Active teacher on the music scene

Program tailored to your needs


Guitar lessons

Beginner or more advanced, there’s always something to learn so I have a program just for you.

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  • Learn how to use your guitar, what makes it specific? what’s its role?
  • Learn to basic chords to make songs
  • Practice your rhythm with various exercices
  • Learn the different techniques for the right hand and the left hand.
  • Possibility to accompany yourself while singing.
  • Get to know the pentatonic scale and play your first melodies and solos.
  • Basic music theory it taught to everyone.

Intermediates / Advanced

  • Learn to chord extensions and how to use them
  • Major, minor, harmonic scale and many others
  • all the modes, their sound and use in popular music.
  • More advanced left hand legato techniques
  • More advanced right hand techniques like sweeping
  • Learn more complicated songs with more sections, solos etc from your favourite artists.
  • Many more things, don’t hesitate to ask if you have specific needs.

Piano lessons for beginner

This piano beginner course is for anybody who wants to get started and progress.

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  • Learn how to use your piano, what makes it specific? what’s its role?
  • Learn to basic chords to make songs, inversions and arpeggios
  • Learn to use your right and left hand together.
  • We’ll learn basic music theory, sheet music reading and rhythm.
  • Learn the songs and styles you like
  • Practice your rhythm with various exercices

Music theory

Learn music theory to get better at your instrument or simply gain knowledge.

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  • Learn the major scale and its modes
  • The 12 notes and the intervals, degrees and names.
  • Chord symbols
  • Chord families and how they work
  • The cycle of fifth and how it’s used
  • Harmonisation
  • Substitutions
  • Many more things you’ll use everyday playing music

Improvisation workshop : Jamlab

Learn how to play in a group and develop your improv skills.

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Learn how to play in a group ans develop your improv skills

JamLab is a unique music workshop in Geneva, where everybody is welcome.

You’ll learn new songs and how to fit in a group in a fun and dynamic way.

the first lesson is free so come try it out or check more informations on

Ukulele lessons

Learn how to play your favourite practical and fun instrument.

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Learn how to play the ukulele

– How to tune it

– The chords

– The note on the neck

– The most famous songs

Les News

Nouveau lieu !

The Guitar School s'agrandit et déménage !

Les cours auront désormais lieu à la jonction (Carl-Vogt) et à Châtelaine (Ch. de l'Etang)

Inscris toi vite pour réserver le créneau qui te convient le mieux !

Inscriptions ouvertes aux cours d'été

Inscris toi dès maintenant pour des cours de qualité, sur mesure, pour te faire progresser le plus efficacement possible cet été.

Places limitées ! 300.- les 4 cours d'une heure à prendre quand tu veux cet été.

Latest Song out !

Premier single du nouveau projet de Ted Beaubrun pour lequel j'ai fait la composition et l'arrangement live et joué les guitares et Backing vocaux.

D'autres à venir, n'hésitez pas à nous suivre pour ne pas rater les prochaines sorties !  

Latest Collab !

Le tout nouveau visual EP du groupe mythique de rap français les X-Men pour lequel j'ai enregistré la guitare.

Price and conditions

  • The lessons take place every week in a fully equipped studio in les Acacias (Geneva). The lessons are 1 hour long.
  • A contract is delivered to you at the first free introduction lesson.
  • Book quickly your lesson by clicking the registration form below.
  • For an intensive course, bigger group or any questions feel free to contact me..
  • The yearly course gives you a discount on the JamLab workshop
  • Free trial during free trying week (29th of August to 2nd of September)
  • The lessons are reimbursed for students with music when at “collège”, this for 2 years.
  • Special summer course available !


Theo Kummer

Theo Kummer


Théo started playing the guitar about 15 years ago, after he saw a guitar in a dream and since that moment he’s been living a real love story with this instrument. He studied guitar in Geneva with a few different teachers before going to South America to learn latin music, especially cuban music. He then moved to London and got his Bachelor in Music (guitar and production) from the LCCM in 2012. After coming back to Geneva and working as a music teacher and session musician and decided to start a master’s degree in music teaching at the “HEM” in Geneva, which he obtained in June 2019.

He now teaches private lessons in electric and acoustic guitar, ukulélé and piano. He’s specialised in Afro-American music such as Soul, Blues, Jazz, R’nB, Hip-Hop and many styles of African, Caribbean and Latin music.

He’s also collaborating with many different artists such as Dawn Richards (US), Karami (FR), X-men (FR), Ted Beaubrun, Classik Luvanga, Maeva (UK) or previously Sonia Grimm and Colors Record (CH). He’s played over 400 gigs and featured in a dozen of albums as a session musician, producer or arranger playing, guitar, bass and piano.

He toured in Egypt  in June 2017 with Classik Luvanga, in France with Penfield, in Haiti with Ted Beaubrun and in Switzerland with Sonia Grimm.

His music also appears on the swiss movie “Tapis Rouge” released in 2015.

Always looking for new adventures, he often accompanies various singers and he also just started a new improvisation workshop in Geneva called JamLab, looking to share his love and passion of music.

He now teaches guitar at the prestigious HEM in Geneva.


The Guitar school Geneva

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Phone number : 004176 320 67 19

Adresses : 20 chemin de l’Etang and 16 bld carl-Vogt